Waste management is an awfully messy business

The world is drowning in trash. As humans, we produce around 1.3 billion tons of trash yearly — far more than we can properly recycle. And you don’t have to go through 6 seasons of The Sopranos to know that waste management is an extremely difficult business. It’s also an important one — a correct way to segregate it either in the source of origin or in garbage processing plants is the key for reducing the negative impact on our environment. Even though we are aware of that, we often lack focus or knowledge on how to do it right.

Fram —the ship that was used in expeditions by Roald Amundsen

The third wave of Artificial Intelligence, as claimed in DARPA Perspective on AI, revolves around the idea of data democratization. The idea is to make data and analytics tooling easily accessible to all the people who need it and have the skill-set to analyze it.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the concept of the data discovery service and how we implemented it within our internally developed Big Data platform to support our data democratization efforts.

Data Analytics Platform

As a word of introduction, let’s focus for the moment on one of the core products we have built-in ING…

Mariusz Górski

Data Engineer, Open Source and Public Cloud enthusiast. Fan of knowledge sharing. Likes to experiment, break things and fix them — sometimes in a random order.

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